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Weather Notification Icons PRO

0.99 usd

What is as important to you as the time and battery status? The weather and temperature!Would it not be a great thing to see the current weather condition and temperature as small icons on the notification area, just beside battery status and clock?
This is exactly what you can expect here!
Just select the city for which you would like to see the current weather condition and temperature.
You will then see the current weather condition as well as the forecast details for the next 2 days and you can switch to see even more weather details.
English and German are supported.
No data from you is being stored outside of your mobile device, nor is any data from you being used for any other topic. Only the chosen location is being transfered (of course) to the weather server in order to display the forecast.
Try it out and have fun with this app.
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meterological Institute and the NRK.